Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Fako & Associates, Inc. Congratulates Our Winning Clients

We wish to congratulate several of our mayoral clients who achieved electoral victories in yesterday’s municipal elections: Tom Weisner of Aurora, IL (62%), Tim Nugent of the Village of Manteno, IL (53%), and John Spring of Quincy, IL (54%).

Yesterday’s municipal election was dramatically different than the general election we experienced just six months ago. Despite the clear skies and comfortable temperatures, this time, there were no waves of early voting or lines on Election Day. As many experts in the field proposed, yesterday’s election showed the effects of voter fatigue.

Low turnout makes for challenging elections. Campaigns have to motivate their supporters to participate in the election and ensure that every supporter is accounted for on Election Day. These efforts underscore the importance of having a disciplined field campaign and the need to develop the resources required to reach out to voters.

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