Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Bucking the trend...

Fako & Associates congratulates our many successful clients of yesterday’s mid-term election.

It was a tough year for Democrats throughout the State and Country, but there were several victories that deserve note:
  • Sara Feigenholtz (IL HD 12)
  • Keith Farnham (IL HD 43)
  • Daniel Biss (IL HD 17)
  • Bill Cunningham (IL HD 35)
  • Kevin McCarthy (IL HD 37)
  • Fred Crespo (IL HD 44)
  • Elaine Nekritz (IL HD 57)
  • Karen May (IL HD 58)
  • Carol Sente (IL HD 59)
  • Jack Franks (IL HD 63)
  • Chuck Jefferson (IL HD 67)
  • Patrick Verschoore (IL HD 72)
  • Lisa Dugan (IL HD 72)
  • Emily McAsey (IL HD 85)
  • Jack McGuire (IL HD 86)
  • Jehan Gordon (IL HD 92)
  • Naomi Jakobsson (IL HD 103)
  • Tom Holbrook (IL HD 113)
  • Dan Reitz (IL HD 116)
  • Stacey Evans (GA HD 40)
  • Joseph Addabbo (NY SD 15)
  • David Valesky (NY SD 49)
  • Tammy Irons (AL SD 1)
  • Dan Foley (Montgomery County, Ohio Commissioner)
  • Michelle Mussman (IL HD 56) (Presumed Winner)
Many of the Illinois House races were through the Democratic Party of Illinois and New York Senatorial races were Independent Expenditure campaigns.

Fako & Associates would also like to congratulate Illinois Supreme Court Justice Tom Kilbride for winning his retention election in the face of a serious effort by national political organizations to attack his judicial integrity and oust him from State Supreme Court. The campaign organization constructed on his behalf was a focused and disciplined campaign with a unique strategy and a dedicated team.